Sussex Snow

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Horses in snowy field in Ditchling, Sussex

Photo: Luke Holland - Sussex snow - horses in snowy field near Ditchling, Jan 2010.

January 2010 - In Sussex snow has been falling fast and heavily - about eight to ten inches of snow has settled during the last couple of days. Each morning our teenage sons have been up incredibly early (for teenagers), taking their new sledges up to Lodge Hill or sometimes on the slope beneath the windmills. The South Downs and Lodge Hill in Ditchling are dotted with kids hurtling and tumbling down the slopes every day, at present.

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Sussex snow dune

Photo: Luke Holland - snow drift on the Sussex South Downs, Jan 2010.

Beacon Road, Ditchling in snow, January 2010

Photo: Luke Holland. The Beacon Road, Ditchling, deep in snow,Jan 2010.

While the conditions remain icy, the hill up to Ditchling Beacon is closed to motor vehicles. Do not attempt to drive up the Beacon Road to the top of the Downs; you will have to turn around at the foot of the hill, or park in the car park and walk up to the Beacon.

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Snowy Ditchling garden

Photo: Luke Holland. Long icicles and snow drifts have transformed the village, the surrounding countryside and our garden, Jan 2010

Snowy Ditchling and the Sussex South Downs, April '08

Photo: Zefi Hennessy Holland - Ditchling and the Sussex South Downs, Apr'09

Below: Luke Holland skis up Ditchling High Street, Jan 2010

Skiing up Ditchling High Street

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