Sussex Longdogs

Beau, our Sussex Longdog playing with a new friend on the Sussex South Downs

We hadn't heard of Sussex Longdogs until we went to one of the great events organised by the Sussex Longdog Association. There our own Sussex Longdog, Beau, instantly felt at home. Finally he was among friends, other lurchers and greyhounds who could actually run faster than him!

The Sussex Longdog is a gentle creature. A great family pet and a joy to watch racing over the Sussex South Downs chasing other dogs or rabbits in the early evening light.

Lurcher Show at Firle Place, 30th August'09

Sussex Longdogs are cross-breeds - generally a greyhound with another breed such as a Saluki. So, most of them are very fast but they then can sleep for hours on end. Our dog, Beau, came from the Sussex Pet Rescue Centre. We phoned one Friday evening and asked if they had any small to medium sized dogs.

The woman's description of Beau was so endearing that it was impossible to refuse her offer to bring him to visit the next morning, even though she did admit that he was rather large. He was instantly one of the family, although he was extremely nervous and jumpy to begin with. One of our friends, observing him a few days later lying on the old sofa, commented, 'That dog thinks he's died and gone to heaven!'

Sussex Longdog Association First formed in 1979, the Sussex Longdog Association aims to bring together lurcher enthusiasts. The term 'Long Dog' was used to refer to all running dogs - Lurchers, Greyhounds and Whippets. Race meetings are held fortnightly from March to November, weather permitting, at Broad Farm, Hellingly, East Sussex.

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