Middle Farm

With a farm shop, restaurant, gift shop, cider shop and open farm section, Middle Farm is perfect for a fun day out.
Entry to the open farm is just £4 per person - much more affordable than many open farms - and is a really rustic, genuine, working farm, not just a kiddie's playground with a few animals thrown in.

Staff are often seen busying about their daily work, but always have time to chat to their visitors about the animals and the farm, and from talking to them its easy to see just how dedicated they are and how much they love their wonderful animals.

The animals themselves are always happy and healthy and they have some incredibly friendly sheep - if you thought sheep were nervous creatures, go meet Raymond and think again!

There are chickens in more shapes and colours than I ever believe possible, and it's lovely to see so many of them roaming free around the farm - hold onto your sandwiches at picnic time!

Watching the beautiful Jersey cows being milked is always a highlight of my visit, and the hayplaybarn is a great place for the children to let off steam.

If you haven't been yet, why not?

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