Marquee Hire Sussex

Marquee Hire Sussex? Need to hire a marquee for your special event in Sussex? Check out the following links to find the best company and products to suit you, your occasion and your purse.

Whether it's for an 18th or 21st Birthday celebration, a Wedding Reception, or just for a party with family and friends, hiring a marquee will make the event far more manageable.

Use a marquee to host the whole event or add it as a temporary extension to your house in order to allow for the full number of guests that you'd really like to invite. One of our sons has a 21st Birthday this Summer and we are thinking of hiring a marquee; we will use it for a formal lunch for family and close friends in the daytime, then convert it into a party space for young people in the evening. As it is a midsummer birthday (literally), it may well be used for guests to sleep in over night and then as a brunch venue the next day!