Images from the Sussex South Downs

These images were all taken either on the Sussex South Downs, or in and around the village of Ditchling between 2007 and 2010. The first was 'grabbed' from the BBC Television documentary series, 'A Very English Village', filmed and directed by Luke Holland. All photos taken by Luke Holland.

Photo of the snowy Sussex South Downs

Looking north-east from the Downs above Streat and Westmeston.

Photo of twin lambs

Twin lambs born at Court Gardens Farm, Ditchling, March'07.

Sussex windmill in moonlight

Jill Mill in the moonlight

Wings Place in the snow

'Wing's Place' - one of the oldest houses in Ditchling

Snow drift on the South Downs, near the Sussex village of Ditchling.

Snow drift on the South Downs near Ditchling, January 2010.

Sledging slope near Ditchling, January 2010.

Sledging on the slope beside Lodge Hill, Ditchling, January 2010.

Dew pond in snow on Ditchling Beacon, January 2010

Dew pond on the South Downs at Ditchling Beacon, January 2010.

Sussex Long Dog on snowy downs

You may have noticed that our family dog, 'Beau' features fairly regularly in this site; he joined us a few years ago from a local pet rescue centre. He's great company on the Downs, because he's a 'Sussex Long Dog' - a real pedigree 'Lurcher' - part Greyhound, part Saluki, so he runs like the wind.

Beau recently met his match on the Downs in a slightly larger, female, version of himself ...

Puppy love on the South Downs

Dogs' Downland rendezvous

Dog meets dog on South Downs

Dog on snowy Downs

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