Holmbush Paintball Easter Half Term

Holmbush Paintball is hosting more special 'Junior' events for players, aged between 10 and 16. Mums and dads are also welcome to join in the fun on these and any other Junior day of course!

As a special Easter present for all of the players, they will be offering a discounted half day entry price of just £22.50 that includes all of the equipment AND 300 paintballs. To make the day a little bit more special, they have discounted the Multi Event activities to just £45.00 from £60.00! These packages are suitable for the whole day and include lunches.

This year they are also introducing Airsoft during this Easter break. The Airsoft games are played on the same fields we use for paintball, but the players will be using Airsoft guns in a safe environment. The guns fire a smaller lightweight pellet, rather than a paintball, so this set of games is ideal for the younger player! Please be aware that they do have limited places available on the Airsoft games, so these games are operated on a first come - first served basis.

Every player will receive all safety equipment and a set amount of paintballs or BB pellets to enjoy the sessions with. Body armour is provided as standard to every player.

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