One Hour Ditchling Walks

This is the first of the beautiful one hour Ditchling walks, and may be a little longer if you take your time!

There's a good pub, The Thatched Inn at the halfway point; it serves hot meals.

Ditchling Walk One:

  • From the Village Green, walk through the gate beside the pond onto Lodge Lane and turn right towards Lodge Hill. Before the road bends left at the foot of the hill, turn right onto Boddingtons Lane and then, after a few metres, left along the footpath and up through the trees onto Lodge Hill.

  • Try not to look back until you get to the top, then turn around and look back at the stunning view towards the South Downs!

    Each May Day the Ditchling Morris dance here at sun break to welcome the summer.

  • Face North, with the Downs behind you and head towards the far left corner where you'll see a stile. Climb over it onto Lodge Lane and walk about one hundred metres to your right.

  • Here, on your left, is another stile into the top of a field on a west-facing slope. This is one of the favourite places for sledging with local kids in the winter. Come here at dusk and it's heaven for a Sussex Longdog like Beau, because it's full of rabbits.

  • Beau and Oldland Mill

  • Turn right along the ridge towards a stile that leads onto a narrow footpath towards Oldland Mill.
  • Admire this wonderful old Post Mill that has been restored over the last quarter century by a group of local volunteers.

    Here Beau stands beside the newly built sails that have recently completed the restoration.

  • Follow the track down towards the village of Keymer and once you reach the road at the bottom, turn left and walk along the pavement for about 5 minutes.

  • Almost opposite the Thatched Inn, take the kissing gate left into the field and follow the footpath diagonally to the bottom, far right corner.

    You are now heading back towards Ditchling village with the South Downs to your right.

  • Cross this field, over another stile and then across the next field and once more over the far stile onto the path that runs along the top of the third and final field.

  • You will come out at the foot of Lodge Hill Lane from where you can retrace your steps back to the Village Green - this marks the end of your one hour Ditchling walk. Head for the centre of the village, where you can have a well-earned afternoon tea at Dolly's Pantry, Chestertons or the Ditchling museum tea room.

  • It is possible to link these Ditchling Walks together, for example Walk One or Walk Two would link well to Walk Three.

    Ditchling Walk Two:

  • From the Village Green walk to West Street, past the Church and then to the crossroads in the middle of the village. Turn right.
  • Walk down the hill until you reach the left turn towards Ditchling Beacon along the Beacon Road. You will pass two turnings on the right, opposite the second, Long Park Corner turn left along Nye Lane.
  • Nye Lane is a very old Sussex 'green lane' and is split into 4 sections which all meet at the pond towards which you are now heading.
  • Once you reach the pond, you can either turn right towards the Downs - this will be a slightly longer walk - or left.
  • Turn left for about 5 minutes and you will come out on the Lewes Road where you should turn right towards the village Recreation ground. Turn into the 'rec' and exit through the far left corner and out onto Farm Lane and then East End Lane, where you will turn right.
  • Wander along this old village lane and enjoy the architecture of the houses, some of which are several hundred years old. You will come to The Dymocks on your right; take this route.
  • Follow the road round to the left and then down, back towards the village High Street. Once on the High Street you can visit Chestertons, Dolly's Pantry or either of the pubs for lunch or afternoon tea.
  • If you've time, visit Ditchling Museum.

  • Interested in finding out more about Ditchling? Check out the Ditchling page on this site. For more detailed information you can purchase a number of useful guide books from the village Post Office (opposite Chestertons at the crossroads), or from Ditchling Museum.

    Ditchling Walk Three - a short walk to the playground!

  • From the Village Green turn right along Lodge Hill Lane, past the pond on your right (can you spot the terrapins?); turn right again at the point where the road bends to the left. You are now in Boddingtons Lane which leads through a gate to the top of the High Street.

  • Take care as you emerge at the top of Ditchling High Street because it will inevitably be busy with traffic. Turn right and immediately left into East End Lane. You are now at the heart of the old village of .

  • Follow the lane until you reach Farm Lane on your left; turn here towards the village recreation field. (If you have a dog please ensure that you use the dog bin provided and do not allow your dog to foul the playing field!) Here you may see Archery on a Sunday morning, or Rugby and Football in the Winter, and Cricket being played in the Summer - complete with afternoon teas from the cricket pavilion.

  • There is a delightful small children's playground, a basketball net, and at the far side of the field there is a stream where my children loved to paddle in wellington boots! Do take care and never leave children unsupervised near water.

  • When you've finished your fun and games you can either retrace your steps or you can turn left partway along East End Lane, into the Twitten - an old Sussex name for a narrow footpath - which is almost opposite East Gardens. Here you will pass the lovely old Unitarian Chapel and then rejoin the Lewes Road, just beyond The Bull.
  • Lunch or afternoon tea at Chestertons, by the crossroads is highly recommended!

    If you enjoyed these Ditchling Walks, or have others that you would like to recommend, please contact us.

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