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The Ditchling Film Society was started over a quarter of a century ago by local film buff residents. A committee of keen volunteers select the films and organise the monthly screenings as well as the occasional talks and other film-related events.

Films are usually shown on the first Thursday of every month in the Ditchling Village Hall starting at 8 o'clock (Ample free parking). Membership of the society normally guarantees you a seat, but visiting guests are welcome for the minimal entrance fee of £4. Tea and coffee are served and, on special occasions, something stronger! Check out the Ditchling Film Society's next film below.

Why not consider joining the Ditchling Film Society? The committee work hard to select a really interesting range of films from both mainstream and 'alternative' film sources.

Annual membership of the Ditchling Film Society is £25, available at the entrance to the monthly film.

Broken Embraces [15] - Thursday 13th January, 2011
A luminous Penelope Cruz stars as an actress who sacrifices everything for true love in Almodovar's acclaimed new tale of sex, secrets and cinema. An intriguing film of great intelligence and formal beauty. With a complex plot full of cinematic allusions - this is a sombre, subtle work from Almodovar.
Spain, 2009. 127 mins.

Departures Thursday 3rd February 2011
Takita's bittersweet tale of the Japanese funeral trade plays a bit like a formal service itself. Masahiro plays the down-on-his-luck cellist who accepts a job administering to 'the departures' in his hometown, tenderly washing and shaving the corpses on their last stop before the incinerator. A delightful journey into the heartland of Japan as well as an astonishingly beautiful look at a sacred part of Japan's cultural heritage.
Japan, 2009. 130 mins.

If you have a query about any of the screenings of the Ditchling Film Society please contact us.

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