'Salad Days'

Photo of bowler hatted characters from 'Salad Days'

A village production of 'Salad Days', the hit musical of Cold War England, offers insights on backstage Ditchling: an exercise in nostalgia or updated escapism for a new dark age?

Ditchling's strong arts tradition and deep well of theatrical talent, is exemplified by a well-established amateur dramatics society, The Ditchling Players.

This lively film follows a recent village production of 'Salad Days', the musical hit of 1950s, Cold War Britain. Is the choice of this very safe show, simply updated escapism for a new Dark Age? From auditions, through Autumn rehearsals, we observe a series of minor on and off stage dramas as the Players prepare for a week of performances.

Ditchling's 'Salad Days' is an opportunity to get to know the characters behind the on stage performers and the skilled production team behind the show - one of them marking his sixth decade with the Players.

Sonia Stock former West End actress, is a central figure in the film, as she directs and produces 'Salad Days'. Now approaching her eightieth birthday she still sets an impressive pace and very tough standards.

One of the lead actors, a former Sales Executive in the international bottle top industry, is Roger Broadbent, who talks movingly about his Egyptian childhood and the paradox of his archetypal Englishness. Ginny, his wife of forty-five years, once a singer with Donald Swann, also features. They met on the Ditchling stage in 1958.

'Salad Days' is an affectionate, backstage portrait of a very English village.

Yellow Brick Road

Photo: James Barrie

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